LEAN Management

LEAN and Maintenance

LEAN seeks to eliminate all forms of waste, including waste in the maintenance operation which doesn’t create direct value for the client. Maintenance might seem irrelevant because it doesn’t have an immediate added value as in the case of management. Lean maintenance is the systematic deployment of lean principles in all maintenance-related activities and in maintenance of all kinds to maximize the overall organizational performance of all services.

Strategic Maintenance applies to 4 main activities :

- Organisational Performance of Services ( also at peak periods)

- Production flow management

- Spare Parts management

- Unit Production

We are pleased to present 2 aspects in optimizing the maintenance function in each case.

It is important to know that a Lean maintenance operations use on site background information, lean management view, operational involvement….  When applied efficiently it certainly improves safety as well as the improvement of maintenance and operational teams.

The following operations could be implemented : TPM,availability of main equipment (managing bottlenecks) stock of spear parts, maintenance planning,involvement of operators, reduction of downtime, 5 S process, …..

Depending on the level of the maintenance improvement applied it might be possible to use a lean 6 Sigma process improvement, which is based on an elaborate  statistical concept.


We will however begin by using simple steps for answering to the needs of your team and adopting a proactive maintenance style of operation.

Lean Management and Continuous Improvement

A LEAN management approach is a continuous improvement in quality, cost and time performance.

How ?

3 Topics :

- Identifying what does not add value and the key is to spot waste and stop waste (Muda process)

- Utilization of human potential to achieve continuous improvement (Gemba process)

- Continuous incremental improvement (Kaizen process) 

These are improvement measures rather than a collection of improvement tools.

Maintenance is an important aspect of the Lean approach. Lean maintenance measures to boost performance are done by examining the smallest as well as the most operational improvements. Both in terms of service or team performance. Concrete maintenance improvement solutions are implemented and adapted accordingly.

Lean Principles and OEE

OEE or Overall equipment effectiveness is used to evaluate how effectively a manufacturing operation is utilized. OEE is frequently used as a key metric in TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) programs and gives you a consistent way to measure the effectiveness of TPM and other initiatives by providing an overall framework for measuring production efficiency.

There is a clear distinction in terms of time between OEE and fully productive time or Net Operating Time according to the norm NF E60-182. All of these are sometimes interchangeable as seen in the article but a more detailed analysis shows the overall productive efficiency.

There are 6 big losses in relation to OEE and 4 of which are directly or partially  concern with maintenance. Based on the improvements of OEE which reduces the time and the cost of subcontracting as well as cutting down on equipment and work space thus many companies with Lean management are interested in the OEE indicator and getting their teams involve in using OEE improvement measures

Study carried out by auto suppliers

Extract from “ 2014 survey on industrial performance “ carried out by Auto Supplier’s Industry :

… In our industry faced by  capitalism, OEE improvement is the best method implemented in order to have a continuous improvement approach. This indicator is efficient and complete for both operators and technicians. The best equipment is not always the most efficient in capacity as promoted commercially. A poor OEE could be a waste of time when setting up a new contract.  A limitation of OEE with respect to the report and the analysis done, is the fact that it often applies only to a specific job. How far can we go without asking the question ?  Workshops have brought new awareness to remove taboos.