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1 – Assistance in choosing a CMMS, PMO

All studies and analysis on the key factors of a successful project lead to the same conclusion : the success of a project depends as much on the suitability of the selected computer application as well as its implementation.

All maintenance services have largely the same needs. However, everyone has unavoidable needs of its own, which are less common and that need to be clearly identified and specified.

All CMMS softwares manage the work, preventive, inventory and purchasing. However, unavoidable needs such as local currency, customer relations, management of special spare parts, mobility, reliability of computer links or other criteria are less common and should be clearly identified.


PMO Goals


An analysis conducted upstream allows avoiding the pitfalls, taking into account future risks and defining priorities. It helps to CMMS in the most appropriate way. P2H accompanies each stage of the process to determine the choice of the most suitable tool.The solution being a specific development, the purchase of a software market or the implementation of functions in a tool already in place, it is imperative to write detailed specifications meeting the real constraints. The specification must be detailed or risk seeing the project taking months or even years ; can sprout a new idea every day !

An upstream PMO choice will secure it. Indeed innovation based on a computer tool still involves many risks. The causes of slippages in time, costs, functionality, ergonomics, technology, employee motivation are significant. The snowball effect is one of the great dangers of conventional methods ; Putting in place a CMMS software requires great skills.

P2H-Global brings a more maintenance business culture to understand what is expected from such a request, such as the real need, to know and to say what is not said obviously.

P2H brings their knowledge and expertise in maintenance to cover important points such as, adaptability and scalability of the solution and the implementation mode of the project.

Software implementation

Software implementation

The installation of software and set up requires special skills, like knowing specific tasks and the order in which to execute these task. P2H-Global offers a multi-disciplinary teams with both the knowledge and technical skills, as well as good human relations.


P2H-Global supports you at every stage of the process in implementing the solution.

- Writing detailed functional and technical specifications

- Supporting unit tests

- Assisting in integration testing

- Preparing training

- Training users

…. not to mention project management and human ressources.


P2H accompanies the full process from the benchmark to identify needs to users training

3 – Managing version changes, optimization

3 – Managing version changes, optimization

Needs have evolved and your organization has changed ? Stakeholders have left and others arrived ? New software updates have been added to CMMS ?

CMMS, like any tool, must evolve so as not to become obsolete.


P2H offers an analysis of the use of your CMMS followed by the implementation of pragmatic solutions.