Audit flash Report

Finding quality solutions

P2H offers Audit flash reports and propose quality solution.

 P2H applies specific skills and knowledge to solutions based on  the functions to be covered, the adaptability and the scale and implementation of the project.


P2H provides high quality audit flash reports for quick results : Just a few days to perform a scan, identify key issues and draft proposals for solutions. A first deliverable is provided with clear specifications concerning various points identified.


The deliverable is an elaborate report highlighting areas for improvement and their potential impact.


This analysis does not involve listing all details required for the processes. However, it identifies specific and mandatory points that will be used to make a rapid action plan.

P2H carries out a complete analysis to avoid overlooking any important points. This analysis offers more innovative solutions which are up to date. “Stay upbeat and become a trendsetter”



Explanation of services or products sold, issues and external constraints (standard norms, types of customer, requirements, …)

Information on what brought about the present situation

Top / Down approach

From the upper level management level such as in finance to lower level management on site. At each level :we evaluate the needs, demands, constraints, current status, quality methods used in maintenance.

Analysing the financial indicators in terms of maintenance costs or loss of production / quality management.

Analyzing in terms of quality or quantity produced, scheduling with production leaders.

Analysing in terms of daily management, planning, breakdowns, monitoring preventive measures.


Analysing the current maintenance services situation

Tools used : CMMS, spreadsheets, paper copies, RCM

Solution : breakdowns follow up and monitoring

Preventative : planning, model used, periodicity, reports

Predictive : the criteria, measurements, results analysis

Spare parts : managing spare parts usage, buying and controling these parts

Budgets : budget breakdown


Impact analysis with related services

IT for installation or acces constraints

Production for quality and schedules

Purchasing for spare parts and external services

Finance for budgets control, hourly costs, inventory costs


Fetch all available figures

Failure rate, EOC, number of interventions, number of tasks, number of items stored / not stored …



Recommendations and an appropriate action plan as well as feasible solutions will be delivered to you in the form of a detailed report presented in a meeting.