Who are we?

P2H-Global based on a simple observation

Companies are refocusing on the main target : producing goods and services. Maintenance staff have been adapted both in terms of size and responsibility.



It’s not easy analyzing complex situations and finding solutions which could be applied in the medium and long run. The company was created to assist managers who are not used to carrying out these extra task and who also do not have the time to do so. Today maintenance is not just a cost effective solution but also guarantee’s both an increase in productivity and a high level of security based on the latest environmental regulations. We support you in becoming more competitive in the long run. We are concerned with your maintenance capacity as well as asset management which goes beyond the role of the maintenance service.

P2H-Global A fundation for success

P2H-Global  A fundation for success

P2H-Global Ltd is committed to changing your world by cutting through complexity.

We go further to make your business better and are dedicated to strengthen your business and benefit your company.

As a maintenance consulting provider we create value for you and your business. P2H-Global  provides you with the advisory services that will build your company and bring you the value you are looking for.

We offer maintenance consulting which helps clients reduce cost and that’s the foundation of our business’s strength


To meet your demands, P2H-Global offers not just highly technical maintenance advisory services but also are committed to making a sustainable difference and our team’s focus is “People serving people. We promise to go the extra mile and  we go further so you can.


P2H-Global  works closely with clients, helping them to improve the organisation and development process of their business and using a more innovative information system,  We bring a global perspective along with in-depth knowledge by using the approach of LEAN and SIX_SIGMA which  are vital tools for the success of your business.

Our reputation lies in building long term relationships with our clients as well as delivering value in all we do.

Let us apply our maintenance capabilities to your business goals.


P2H implements its knowledge in this context.