Why choosing us?

P2H offers a deeply innovative support

P2H offers a deeply innovative support

Assistance innovative by its spirit, secured by experience, rigorous by its methodology, inspiring by its ethics. The three pillars based P2H helped designing a simple and dense service.

1. P2H, fundamental Maintenance and CMMS:

Knowledge of maintenance and the experience of many procedures settlement, organization and CMMS, helps to imagine a successful new project with a 2015-2020 vision we all dream: serious; single; strong; accessible and realistic.

2. Operational excellence:

Keep commitments in the annual working time, costs, quality and above all in contents and results through mastering the art and QIP.

3. A multidisciplinary team skilled in both industrial and service:

Maintenance; technologies; computing; project management; change management and personal development of employees. With 500 projects designed and 150 projects managed, the P2H team has a seasoned look and is assisted by junior consultants.